INTERIOR ideas and tips: Beautify your home now

Today we show you a wide variety, tasteful decor ideas. From Scandinavian, about Boho, to modern.


  1. Scandinavian
  2. Minimalist
  3. Modern
  4. Retro
  5. Boho
  6. Oriental
  7. Country house
  8. Shabby Chic

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1. Scandinavian Style


As a first point, we show you the best-known trend, the Scandinavian style. From the north, we find inspiration, lets look at the same time cozy and chic which our beloved home. The simple, pastel-like and dull colors combined with soft fabrics and rectilinear furniture create a special atmosphere in your home. Unsee recommendation on this style: Shaggy or Heritage carpets.


2 gray seat sofa near brown wooden coffee table

2. Minimalist

    Increasingly popular is the minimalism, even in their own home design you like it simple, sleek and clear. Everything is reduced to the essential, but still plays together at the end. Minimalist interior style is considered to be relaxing and stress reducing, one can also create a clear head by a clear space. Emphehlenswert for this style would monochrome rugs, which do not disturb the peaceful look.


    green plant on brown wooden table

    2. Modern

    Modern is a concept of time, what exactly this means changes and grows constantly. Today, a modern furniture style, with clear lines, bright room, style fractures and contrasts is associated. To match this, there is a separate category for Beyondknots.


    3. Retro

      At least as popular as modern design the journey into the past. "Retro" describes what was once trend. Most often, the trends of the 40s are described to 90s by the term. Especially popular elements of the Bauhaus. Retro often consists in the establishment of features of different decades together, which can together create a harmony.


      Out of Your League neon light signage

      4. Boho

        "Boho" Represents a creative and unconventional lifestyle. Always find especially things the colorful, relatively natural or patterned geometrically in these institutions place. Perfect for this can be combined Shaggy or kilim rugs. Rattan, linen, leather, wood and wool combined with natural colors create a unique feeling of freedom.


        green cactus plant in room


        5. Oriental

        This beautiful decorating style is aimed mostly very strong then, dreamy acting lush and gorgeous. So just the opposite to the relaxed Scandinavian look. Many colors, patterns, materials. Oriental means gaudy and elegant. Just right for those who do not want to do without comfort and elegance. To match this, you can find the Oriental Collection, with a wide selection of designs.

        white flowers on black ceramic vase

        6. Cottage

        The country-style today is not only to find in the country, but increasingly also in cities. You may just get with this style definitely something country air and nature at home.Natural materials such as wood, rattan, stone and ceramics are typical of the style. Also, are cotton, linen and leather in the foreground. These include finally definitely turned wooden furnitureand antiques. Naturalness is a must, just like our Gabbeh Rend and kilim rugs, which flatter this style perfectly.



        7. Shabby Chic

        Shabby Chic is not necessarily what it sounds like at first. "Shabby Chic", but what not at all looks so shabby, but often quite special and tasteful. This isa combination of old and new. This leaves a restrained elegance and unmistakable femalegrade. Antique furniture are as well with new decoration. Particularly characteristic of the Shabby Chic are also intended traces of use on furniture or walls.If this style would be a carpet, then definitely one of our vintage models. Just as in the way in the style of the institution, old carpets of young designers were newWorked up. This gives the whole the popular "Useslook".



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