Care and cleaning of kilim carpets and kilim cushions

How do I clean my kilim?

Care cleaning kilim carpet cushions

Our kilims and nomad rugs are very robust and durable . But there are a few simple yet very effective care measures that will allow you to enjoy your beautiful kilim rug , kilim cushion or kilim pouf for much longer .

1. Vacuum 1-2 times a week !

2. Minor stains or dirt can be removed with cold water and some curd soap. Prepare a mild soapy solution and apply it to the carpet/cushion with a slightly moistened sponge . Then wipe lightly with clear water and then pat dry. Then hang it up in an airy place to dry.

3. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 5-10 years . Feel free to contact us, we will examine your kilim and have it cleaned if necessary .

4. Any object that is on your kilim stands, puts a strain on the carpet because it can warp in places. If this cannot be avoided, it is advisable to turn the carpet 180 degrees from time to time. Some kilims can also be laid out from both sides. Turning it over from time to time is also particularly important here, if the nomad rug is exposed to the sun on one side or not evenly.

5. Carpet fringes are generally delicate . They should not be combed, but simply slapped back and forth to keep them straight. If the carpet fringes are damaged , there is a risk that this will affect the kilim continues to affect and there is greater damage. Early fringe repairs are not expensive, but carpet repairs are.

6. Wetness should be avoided at all costs, as this will cause the nomad carpet to ripple and warp or even become moldy. The colors can also be affected, as these are natural products made from natural colors are.

We hope you enjoy your new kilim rug, kilim cushion or kilim pouf!

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