Samarkand carpets: Oriental meets modern




1. About the carpets
2. Origin
3. Care
4. Styling tips for your facility
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Today we present something very special from Beyondknots:Samarkand carpets. 

They have now become a fairly rare carpet style. The patterns of the Samarkand are mostly inspired by traditional Kelim patterns. Typical are strips or geometric shapes. Samarkand carpets are hand-knotted, vegetable dyed and made of pure virgin wool from the Central Afgan mountain country at Ghazni. The Ghazni wool is considered to be particularly high as the sheep in certain heights produce a finer wool through improved air quality. The namesake and the original location of these unique carpets is the city of Samarkand, a city in Uzbekistan with 350,000 inhabitants.
The modern Samarkand carpets combine traditional craftsmanship and classic oriental ornaments with modern shapes and colors, making a contemporaryDesign claim is made. More often to find under the name Khorjin (Khurjeen), they are only hand-linked by nomades in Afghanistan and then transported to Pakistan to be cleaned and completed there. Every hand-knotted samarkand has a particularly unique pattern and a harmonious, colorful color. Our Samarkand carpets have 350,000 knots per square meter. In addition, Samarkand carpets are flat woven with a pile height of 8mm (short flora).

Care of woolen rugs

A samarkand carpet is a work of art with which you should carefully handle. Of course, the right care may not be missing. The carpets are made of 100 percent pure virgin wool, a natural product, which is well protected against moisture. That makes the carpet washable. How to proceed exactly, we explain to you: Prepare mild soapy water from wool detergents and gently massage them in the carpet. Subsequently, carpets of earth wool are best dabbed with a cloth and after drying again thoroughly sucked out.
So that your carpet needs to be cleaned as rarely as possible, you remove best immediately even small stains.


Styling tips for your facility

Probably the greatest advantage of the Samarkand carpets, in addition to the artistic aspect and the simple cleaning, probably represents the widespread styling potential. Through the great variation of patterns and colors, the carpet adapts perfectly, but is still the highlight of the room. Where we talk about spaces: living, sleep, dining room. This type of carpet is placed in any room and the rest happens by itself. Whether rustic, modern or for example Scandinavian decor, it matches to many different interior styles. Especially in neutral rooms, he attracts a lot of attention. The Samarkand is artworks in a variety of colors, variations and sizes (also as runner). Perfectly suitable for the look there is a large selection in our shop Kelim pillowOf course handling made of pure virgin wool.

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