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1. About carpets and their cleaning
2. When will need a carpet cleaned?
3. Stain in Carpet - this helps!
4. Why is it important to maintain a carpet
5. Keep Simple Tips to clean
6. Store Carpets Properly
7. Remove the folds and creases properly


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1. About carpets and their cleaning

A carpet is not only hand work of art but also a useful everyday object. So it is in use, particularly when these intensive fails, often to contamination. Thus the carpet'd be long must he receive proper care and attention of its owner, one makes everything right and takes now and then a moment of this, an Oriental rug is a faithful companion of the facility.


Approximately every four years should your carpet professionally washed and cleaned. In any carpet dirt accumulates over time in the textile fibers from. Furthermore carpets can dry by heating air, the natural materials do not tolerate well. With a professional carpet wash, which recommends BeyondKnots for your carpet, the carpet is therefore not only cleaned but also moisturizes and greased the wool again. It is not recommended to wash a hand-knotted or hand-woven carpet itself. If this is required, you should always pass a professional carpet cleaning company your carpet.



2. The only question is when to make at the time the carpet finally fresh? 

to touch the carpet is always an easy and effective way to determine the pollution. Friction with the open hand against the direction of the stroke on the pile. If your hand feels dirty or sticky, the carpet needs to be cleaned. With an accurate, visual inspection of the pile and the substructure you can determine whether the dirt is so strong already that they damage the weft and warp threads. Stroking the wool apart carefully to check the pollution of the weft and warp threads. Should contamination be found, it's time the carpet to clean - to have or even better cleaning.

Another point is, wie it looks under the carpet? Check the carpet backing and the ground below to determine how clean the carpet. Dust and fine microparticles on the ground indicate that a carpet to be washed.


3. Stain in Carpet - this helps!

Whether one verschüttetet in the Fast coffee, the child vice pushes something, or the family dog after the game Gang has polluted the apartment.

Spots are the most obvious sign that a carpet should be cleaned. These tend to be located incorporated to solidify and into the fibers as they dry or be rubbed with the wrong tools. Die quick and correct initial treatment, depending on how dirty is simple and very effective. The number one rule when dealing with stains, therefore, is to act quickly. If the stain dries, there is always the danger that he is not completely removable. To be on the safe side, you should use a mild, yet powerful stain remover that is suitable for hand-knotted carpets at home.

Have these on hand, you can stain gently by hand with aEmulsion of Gallseifeedit and lukewarm water. You can easily see then how the wool and natural dyes react.



4. Why is it important to maintain a carpet

Now again a few good reasons why you should watch out so well on your carpet:

A hand-knotted carpet - whether it is antique or new - retains the liveliness of its colors, stays healthy and keeps a lot longer if the natural oils are preserved in the fiber by regular care. A professional carpet laundry makes a significant contribution to the consideration of the value and the beauty of your carpets.



5. Simple tips onkeep clean

It does not always need a professional carpet cleaning, you can easily help yourself.


For example, vacuuming is important to remove gravel, sand and dirt particles that would otherwise be stuck in the carpet flor.

It is recommended to suck once a week and never more than twice. Excessive vacuuming causes only unnecessary wear and thus accelerates the aging process. When sucking, make sure that the suction power is not set to the highest level and the nozzle can be raised at each movement. Never push them back and forth on the carpet and avoid the suction of fringes, as this can lead to the carpet begins to break apart.

The suck should always be in the direction of the flor. First check with the hand as to whether the flor feels smooth, if you stroke with your hand over it. This is the right direction. On the other hand, when it feels rough and the pile rises while moving her hand over it, then this is against the pile - and the wrong direction.


6. Store carpets correctly

And if you do not have space or no desire to have on your carpet, they stow him, but right!

If you ever have to keep your carpet, remember that it consists of natural fibers and should always be breathable.

Never store your carpet on a damp place like a cellar or garage. Make sure the carpet is carefully rolled inside with the floral direction and fixed to avoid loosening the kneading.

Wrap it ideally in a cotton or linen shaft with moth balls and store it lying (for example under the bed), as he could otherwise lose his shape over time.

If you need to store the carpet longer, it is recommended to roll out, suck and replace the moth balls every three months. So you can use your favorite piece of any long time without losing glamor.


7. Fold and kink remove correctly

Not unmentioned should also be how to remove wrinkles and potential kinks. These arise, for example, by transport, storage or simply by loading the carpet in use.

Fold and kinks usually disappear from themselves when the carpet is laid flat a few days. Wool has a natural tendency to rise and come back in shape. In normal, daily use, the wrinkles and kinks should quickly decrease.

If these should be stubborn, simply put some heavy books or other secure objects on the folding or kink line to accelerate the process. If you do not notice any signs of improvement, you can also lay a cloth in cold water, rinse and then place it with the markings. Then take an iron and iron the cloth some times carefully, always towards the flor.


Follow these tips and treat your carpet well, you will have a lot of enjoyment of it. Orient carpets can hold a lifetime - or even longer. Many carpets are inherited after good care about generations. If you have further questions about the right cleaning, please contact us! We will help you with your specific problem.

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