Oriental Nain 6 LA
Oriental Nain 6 LA
Oriental Nain 6 LA
Oriental Nain 6 LA
Oriental Nain 6 LA
Oriental Nain 6 LA
Oriental Nain 6 LA

Oriental Nain 6 LA

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Product details

Size: 2.18M x 1.54m


Flor: 100% wool

Shot & Chain: 100% cotton

Quality: Hand-knotted

Node number: 600.000 / m2; 6la

Florhöhe: 12 mm

Origin: Iran



The carpets from the city Nain, from the border one of the biggest deserts in Iran, are among the most famous Persian rugs worldwide. Nain carpets are the finest crafts of Iran.Her typical design is unmistakable with floral ornaments, a medallion and beige, red or blue colors. Thanks to their designations 4LA, 6LA, 9LA and 12LA, the subtleties of a naain carpet can be seen at a glance. The lower the "LA" number, the higher the node density and the finer of the carpet. TheseMasterpieces are manufactured over a year from the most experienced booms from Nain.Controllable is the density of the related link to the carpet frays. If there is a fringe about two threads, it is a 4LA. On the other hand, it consists of three, one has a 6LA in front of him.

The colors of this carpet vary depending on which side it is considered. That is, the carpet has a bright and a dark side because of the location of the flor. You can play with this visible effect and decide in advance from where the bright side of the carpet should be seen.

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Hand-knotted and handwoven

Each single carpet is 100% hand-knotted or handwoven and is made by nomads and master stickers to old patterns and traditions.


Sustainable and natural

Our carpets are made from 100% sustainable and biodegradable materials such as virgin wool and silk. The unmistakable colors are of course obtained from plants.


Wholesale prices

Save money with wholesale prices. We refer the carpets directly from the connectors of the individual countries. There are no intermediaries, and we have thousands of carpets in our warehouse ready for shipping.


Carpet Unicats expertly procured

For decades, we have traveled the world to select the most unique, more qualitative carpets. We are excellent in finding the perfect carpet for you.

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